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Money Making Mansion.

Buy your dream holiday home and turn it into a money-making machine. 

What is Guestel?

Guestel is an innovative concept that combines the luxury of a hotel suite or cottage with a revenue-generating property. As an owner, you’ll enjoy a guaranteed monthly rental income, along with exclusive guestel membership privileges. This unique offering allows you to entertain and host your loved ones, creating memorable weekend experiences while simultaneously benefiting from increased earnings. Invest in Guestel and enjoy the best of both worlds – a luxurious lifestyle and a rewarding investment.

Why Guestel?

Searching for a profitable investment that guarantees high rental yields and property appreciation? Consider Guestel – a unique concept that blends the luxury of a hotel suite or cottage with a revenue-generating property. Strategically situated in prime locations, our fully-furnished service apartments and cottages provide all the amenities and facilities modern travelers seek, ensuring a continuous stream of rental income. As the hospitality industry flourishes, owning a Guestel property is the perfect way to make an intelligent financial decision while relishing the perks of a luxurious lifestyle.

Safe and Assured Return

Investing in Guestel is a secure and profitable venture, providing an assured return from day one. Our fully-furnished service apartments and cottages guarantee a fixed rental income. Additionally, every Guestel owner is entitled to enjoy 2 nights and 3 days of complimentary stays each month at the resort, along with extra perks through the premium Guestel Club membership. Secure your investment with Guestel and reap the rewards of a steady income and exclusive benefits.

Capital Appreciation

Our Guestel Units are situated strategically in the best locations, ensuring high rental yields and property appreciation. With an investment in Guestel, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – a steady stream of rental income and the potential for long-term capital appreciation. As the demand for quality accommodation continues to rise, owning a Guestel is an ideal way to leverage the growth of the hospitality industry and maximize your return on investment.


Money Making Mansion.

Guestel - Safari

Guestel Safari is situated next to India’s first night safari, currently being developed by the UP Government on the pattern of the Singapore Night Safari. This makes it the hottest spot in UP for travelers and nature lovers. With expected growth in tourism set to increase by more than 500% in UP, Safari Guestel in Scorpio Club is a prime investment property in the city.

Guestel - Alibag

The Alibag Resort is a prestigious 150-acre project in Lucknow operated by renowned hotel chains, surrounded by mango orchards and located on the banks of the Gomti River. With easy access to major highways, the resort offers luxury stays, adventure activities, water sports, and wellness centers, promising a lifetime experience for nature and luxury seekers.

Guestel - Film Studio

Rudraksh invites investors, visionaries, and entrepreneurs to take advantage of this exceptional golden opportunity to invest in the Lucknow Film Studio Business Park, and create a thriving business with rapid property growth in a short period of time. This innovative venture has the incredible potential to be extremely profitable for those who astutely seize the opportunity at hand.

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