Property Advice | things you must know before buying property

Are you must be worried for looking or purchasing property then here we will give you some important information to become a owner of your own shelter. First of all what are the things to keep in mind while buying a flat in India? Then we will tell you some simple steps how to shortlist a real estate project for investment? When you have multiple builders to choose from and with each builder having several projects, shortlisting and comparing real estate projects can get difficult and overwhelming. Do not worry. Listed below are important parameters which can help you in quick shortlisting of projects. Location is a very important aspect for any real estate investment. This should be your second shortlisting criteria. As a buyer you may have a personal preference for a particular location in a city(not purely from cost factor but also the affinity for a location) -say North, East or South of the city. You should weigh in the proximity to the project from the city centre and from your workplace.


If you are married and have a working spouse, check the proximity from spouse’s workplace as well. If you have kids, check how far are schools of your interest from the project. Evaluate how far are other important landmarks like – a good hospital, metro station, bus stand, railway station and airport. Also, figure out commuting time to these places from the project.

Check other factors of town planning like livability of the area, water supply, greenery and future expansion for deciding the preferred location. Compare how is the overall appreciation in the area and particularly appreciation of the project you are shortlisting for your research.

Appreciation is important for any real estate investment as it leads to a higher rate of return when you decide to sell the unit in future or increasing rental income if you let it out. Investing in a new housing property is one of the most vital financial decisions we take as we tend to invest a lump sum amount in one go. Hence, consider checking out these factors before finalizing on a new housing project.


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